2015 Wrap Up

There’s a running list on my computer for the different things the Lord has already done through FLOW. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but in just a few months the Lord has been very gracious to us at FLOW. If you haven’t been following along via social media, let me fill you in.

The Lord has provided an attorney to file our 501c3, and quick filing at that. He has provided an extra way for us to begin forming relationships with students from J. Martin Jacquet Middle School through their after school program. We were able to attend football games and help record them for game film. The football coach was even able to create a highlight reel for one of the players using that footage.

One of the biggest doors that the Lord has opened is through the girls basketball team at J. Martin. We’ve been able to attend games, help at practice, and most significantly, share the gospel with the 7th and 8th grade teams multiple times. We’ve been able to provide pregame meals for the girls thanks to a gracious donor and made spirit signs for the gym and locker room. The girls loved their individual signs and played great that night during their game!

We have begun to collect a group of students who are anxiously awaiting mentors! One student has asked several times if we have found him a mentor yet. Please be praying for mentors to come so we can begin pairing students with mentors.

In about two solid months of fundraising we are almost one third of our way to our monthly goal for the first year! This has been such a blessing to see. The support and encouragement that has come from support meetings has already exceeded my expectations. Whether it’s monetary support, prayer support, or someone to just make pregame meals for the basketball team, it has been a very uplifting experience. We’ve also been able to add a great support with a new partner, Sarah Gifford! She has a heart for children and Jesus and brings unique experience to FLOW.

As much as we have seen the Lord do so far through FLOW, we still need your help! We ask that you would consider FLOW for your year-end gifts, or to partner with us monthly. If either is outside your means, we would love your prayer support. If you would like to be a mentor to one of the many children in East Fort Worth who are longing to be partnered with a mentor you can fill out this form. We are excited to see how the Lord continues to move in East Fort Worth and how the gospel changes the lives of the children and their families. Won't you join us?