As the holiday season approaches, a lot of us will be heading home to celebrate. Home can mean a lot of things to different people. It can bring feelings of warmth, safety, and nostalgia. Or it can bring feelings of fear, resentment or sadness. Home could be the house we grew up in, the town we grew up in, being surrounded by a group of people we love, or it could be a new place we have created for our families and ourselves.

In the Scriptures, we often see home as a place of return and security. Nehemiah would tell us it’s something worth fighting for in chapter 4 verse 14. What is home to you? More than likely, when you think of home it brings back good memories and a feeling of security. However, this is not the case for everyone. For a lot of people in East Fort Worth, home can be a place kids want to avoid, or a place they want to hurry and move on from. It can bring feelings of fear and long sleepless nights. I’ve been in some of these homes and have seen the hurt. The hurt that some might not even now is there.

So a home is what I seek to create. A home that brings feelings of safety, warmth, joy, friendliness, and a place where kids can just be kids. So many of the kids I’ve meet operate in a way that is well above their age. It is as though they simply do not know how to be a kid. In the after school program I help at weekly, there is a day where the girls participate in “Glam Squad”. This is set up for the girls to just be girls. To play with make up and practice doing hair on a dummy. Things that middle school girls should do, yet they struggle with doing.

This is what I’m asking of you, reader: to help us make a home for these kids. FLOW is seeking to purchase a home in East Fort Worth that would not just serve as the offices of FLOW, but that would serve as a safe place for kids and adults to come, hang out, get help with homework, play, get healthy snacks, learn basic life skills, laugh, and simply be a kid.

Homes in this area are fairly cheap, but most require some repairs. We are seeking to raise $100,000 to purchase a home in this area. This should be enough for the price of a home and any repairs it may need. Compared to many homes in the DFW area, this is quite cheap. In the grand scheme of the Lord’s resources, this is nothing. This home is already His, and the money is already His. This home will burn up one day when Jesus comes back, but we hope and pray that lives will be changed, which will last for eternity.

Will you join us and help us be fully entrenched into the community of East Fort Worth? Be prayerful that the Lord will provide the right home in the right area, for favor with the community already settled there, that we would be good neighbors, and that people would feel the Holy Spirit as they enter this home. Also, we ask that you give. You can give specifically to the purchase of a home by noting so on your donation via PayPal on the bottom left of this screen. If you wish to donate with check, please contact me directly at Amanda@flowfortworth.org and we will set that up. FLOW has already been so blessed and we seek to continue to reach the community of East Fort Worth!