One Year Update

In April, we put out a blog about the four pillars of our ministry, one being fellowship. We looked at fellowship as not just the talk-to-you-after-church, or meet-you-at-Starbucks type of fellowship, but the doing-life-with-others type of fellowship. The type of fellowship where you are ingrained in one another’s lives, both during the good and the bad. We know this kind of relationship takes time to develop. Time has to be spent, and consistency has to be built up, all for trust to be made to get to this type of fellowship.

This kind of fellowship has always been the goal for FLOW. That we would begin to carry the burdens of those at J. Martin Jacquet Middle School and in East Fort Worth. We knew to get to this point would take time. We would have to be uncomfortable, we would have to get rejected, yet still show up, we would have to show consistency, we would have to be known, we would have to ask hard questions, we would get looked at funny, we would have to be questioned, and then we might be able to be in this kind of fellowship with the people of East Fort Worth.

We serve a good and gracious God who has give us an ample amount of favor in this community. Remaining faithful to Him and this community has been about the only direction we have heard clearly from the Lord in the last year and a half. The Lord has not disappointed. This year, just our second year at this school, we have begun to get invited into this type of fellowship. We have heard the stories of the difficult home lives of the students, the lack of goals and hope from the kids, the fears of some of the faculty going through a tough time, the fear of asking for help, the anger that is pent up in these students, and on and on I could go.

We could paint a pretty picture that this ministry is sharing the gospel in such a way that people are dedicating their lives to Christ and being baptized left and right, but that’s not happening yet. What’s happening is Christ followers are being invited into the dark spaces of the lives of others through this ministry. We are beginning to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of ministry. And this happened in a year. There’s not a statistic that can cover this part of ministry, nothing to really show donors, but I can tell you that we have remained faithful to the call to be faithful to Christ and a people who need the hope that we have. If we can show this to those who have no hope by simply being there, showing up, providing physical and educational needs, then that’s a win in my book. This is step one of one hundred.

We are excited about all the Lord will do as we grow as a ministry and grow in trust and fellowship with the community of East Fort Worth as we break down racial barriers with the love of Christ. This is what FLOW is about. Not about being able to throw up numbers to impress people, but to invest the time that is needed to build these relationships with the many students who don’t know the hope of Jesus Christ. The need for our time is only increasing as we get more requests to be with students, to help families, and assist faculty at JMJ. Continue to pray for us as we strive to be faithful to this call and burden that we have for this community.